Restore for Service

(Jer 15:19) the LORD says:
If you repent, I will restore you that you may serve me;

  • You are the temple of the Holy God and the royal Priesthood in this temple.
  • You are chosen, sanctified, made worthy to serve Him.
  • This is a High Calling which brings in the difference between us and others of this world.
  • You are not an ordinary person. Irrespective of the Status, Education, Job, Family situations, you are called to serve Him.

Are you aware of this unique and special calling?
Are you fulfilling your duties as a priest of the temple?

As the royal priest of God, you need to stand before Him in His sanctuary every morning. Ministry starts from within us.
Are you doing that? If not
  • You are failing in your service to Him. Don’t be ignorant.
  • What is preventing you from doing your duties?
# How is your secret life?
# Nothing of this world including your private life can be hidden from God.
We can hide and cheat Man, but not God.
# His eyes are always watching over you. Is your conscience clear before God?
# Are you really happy inside? Don’t act. Be open to God.
# Even though He is aware of everything in your Life,
He still expects us to be bare open to Him, share your heart with Him.
# If you try to cover up your secret sins and mistakes, you cannot enjoy His presence.
# It will give way for the devil to sneak in.. to devastate your life beyond repair pushing u into eternal death.

  • So beware of the enemy who is prowling like a roaring lion waiting for opportunity to destroy you..
  • How long can you live with a fake smile? The best way is to come back to Jesus.
  • Be humble before Him.
  • Be bold to accept your mistakes and surrender yourself totally accepting your weakness.
  • Without His grace & mercy you can never overcome..

  • Put in all possible efforts from your side to get rid of the sinful habits & ways.
  • Whoever covers over his sins does not prosper. Whoever confesses and abandons them receives compassion.



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Restore : House of Judah

(Zec 10:6) I will strengthen the house of Judah & save the house of Joseph.I will restore them because I have compassion on them.

Judah is one of the tribes of Israel. It was known for its strength and had its own kingdom “Kingdom of Judah” ruled by King David in the beginning. Many important Jewish leaders & prophets have belonged to the tribe of Judah.

Jesus is considered to be a Prince of Judah and

is also called as the “Lion of Judah”.
Judah means “Praise” representing Joy & Happiness.

God the Father sent His only son Jesus into this world through the Lineage of Judah. In short Judah was chosen by God to bring His Son or Reveal His Son to this world.

Yet they were not faithful to God. They sinned, went astray, lived a life of abomination and so were facing the wrath of God. But when they realised their mistakes and cried unto the Lord for deliverance, He was compassionate & merciful. And so, He rescued them from their enemies.

Today, as a child of God, you are the chosen Judah to bring Christ into the lives of the people of this generation.

You are very important in the Plan of God for establishing His kingdom in this world.

  • How is your Life today?
  • Are you growing in the Lord?
  • Do you have an intimate relationship with God?
  • Do you have the habit of sitting in His presence, listening to Him, and executing what He wants u to do?
  • Are you aware of God’s expectation in your life?
  • Have you grown in spiritual maturity and Holiness?
  • Do you reflect the characters of Jesus?


  • Have you slipped off, backslidden in your Christian faith and living as a nominal Christian?
  • You have started putting your faith in the worldly rituals, believing in abominable practices like “Looking for Good Time”, seeking the advices of soothsayers, astrology, following zodiac signs etc..
  • You are involved in bribery, illegal ways of accumulating wealth, conniving for the defeat and destruction of your brethren/neighbors/colleagues for your own personal success etc..
  • You are compromising on the biblical values and standards which you were taught & trained.
  • You are living a life which is completely against the biblical principles thereby mocking the name of Christ..


  • Failures,
  • Life without peace & satisfaction,
  • Guilt killing your life,
  • Getting stabbed in the back by those whom you trusted the most,
  • Trapped in your own cunning and evil plans & ways,
  • Stuck not knowing where to go, neither to this world nor have the courage to come back to Christ…
  • Thinking of putting an end to your life…




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Restore : Health

(Psa 30:2, NIV) O LORD my God, I cried to You for help & You restored my health.

HEALTH is WEALTH. How true it is!.

I remember a beautiful saying which is as follows;

If wealth is lost, nothing is lost;

If health is lost, something is lost;

If character is lost, everything is lost.

See Health is more important than Wealth. But unfortunately, abusing the body has become quite rampant and wealth has sadly taken the first priority in most of us. Neither Health nor Character but wealth has become the most important thing and people are ready to compromise on these two in order to accumulate wealth. This very tendency of “WEALTH FIRST”, itself is against God’s plan.

What is the pattern of your lifestyle? Is it similar to what is written above? R u also compromising on your health and character to amass wealth?

Remember this..

We all came empty handed and will be going out of this world empty handed.
But each and every person will have to stand before God in order to give account of his life in this world.
R u living right? R u compromising on your character? A little lie, gossip, stealing other’s property, cheating others, not keeping up the promise or word, finding fault with others, accusing others…All for petty gains and for hoarding up your wealth…

  • Living a selfish and lavish life without any concern for the fellow brethren,
  • Not bothered to lend a helping hand to the orphans, widows and needy,
  • Over eating having scant respect for the body’s health conditions…is all against God’s liking.
God is not interested in these kinds of living..

  • He is not willing to let go of His children. Nor does He permit them to live like this or to continue in their evil ways..
  • He starts correcting His children by allowing failures, sickness and so on..
  • He allows His children to be carried away in the river of problems, failures, sickness, etc..for a while
  • But yet out of HIS ABUNDANT mercy He comes to their rescue..

So, many a times, our sickness is the result of our own faulty living..It is
  • a “speed breaker” to check the rash and fast driving of our life,
  • a “sign board showing “take diversion” from our crooked paths..

He does this because He Loves us and is concerned about our soul and its salvation..

Sickness at times works like pruning too, to bring us more closer to God & to enjoy the intimate relationship with Him, share with Him openly & grow more in His Holiness..

He never makes mistakes and whatever happens in your life happens for a reason. So don’t panic.
  • Check your life today. God might have allowed ur sickness to edify u & transform u to be like HIM.
  • Sit in His presence with fasting,
  • Find out the reason from the Creator Himself,
  • Repent for the mistakes,
  • Submit and surrender,
  • Allow Him to take full control over your life as LORD and KING.
  • Ask Him for mercy.

Cry out for Help. He is a merciful God, loving like a mother, caring like a father.. He will surely show mercy..

He will restore your health back to normal.. Come back to HIM.. Have a healthy living, bringing Glory & Honour to His name.


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Restore: From Ruins

(Amos 9:11,NIV) In that day I will restore David’s fallen tent. I will repair its broken places, restore its ruins, and build it as it used to be.

Dear Friend,

How is your inner man and the spiritual journey in Christ?
  • Is it intact with Christ or like a broken chain?
  • Is it like a fallen tent? Or a broken bridge?
  • Is it ruined, deserted and in shambles?
  • R u finding it difficult to put them back on track?
Fallen Tent:

  • Tent gives shade and shelter. A place for cover and protection.
  • It stood majestically till the weather turned rough..strong wind blowing it away..
  • Not of use to anyone including the owner..
  • Poised for decay or has to be dumped in the waste yard..

Is your life similar to the fallen tent?.
  • Were you also a channel of blessing to many..
  • Touching lives, caring, sheltering,
  • Protecting the weak, providing for the needy..and so on..


  • Crying in agony today, dumped by others because you are no longer the same..
  • Not a blessing to others anymore..
  • Couldn’t withstand the pressures of life and now fallen to the ground bleeding, fighting for survival, searching for a helping hand..

Broken bridge:

You were…

  • A channel showing people the way to Jesus,
  • Providing a safe journey from darkness to light,
  • Turmoil to peace and so on..
  • A trusted ally to many, helping many people to rewrite their history from failure to success..
But now..
You are…

  • Like a torn paper good for nothing..?
  • Totally deserted, wanted no more by anyone..?
  • Broken & ruined no longer connected to the throne of God..?
  • Frustrated over your own life of failure & chaos, looking for a way out of the mess..?
  • Feeling that you are a symbol of failure and waiting to end your life?
All that you could see is the messed up memories of the past and
Shambled remains testifying your failures in life?

All your repeated efforts to put your broken life back on track ended up in worsening the situation further?

Don’t worry.. YOU STILL HAVE HOPE..
  • As long as you rely on your own strength you will end up in failure only..
  • TURN TO JESUS the only HOPE for mankind..
  • Give HIM the total control over your life.
  • Submit & Surrender to HIS ways.
He is loving & understanding. #
He will not reject you. #
He will not let you down. #
He is ever willing to restore you. #
He will
  • Repair the broken links,
  • Cleanse the repulsive remains of your past,
  • Heal the wounds,
  • Wipe away your tears..
Get washed by His Blood confessing & asking forgiveness
for all your past mistakes (small or big)
Don’t allow GUILT to take over..
Let JESUS be your KING & MASTER..
Your sorrow shall turn into JOY. You’ll be restored back to ur former glorious & victorious life, walking with JESUS again, day after day till you reach ashore to be with HIM forever..


Do u need to share ur sorrows, problems?
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Restore : Healing

(Psa 41:3,NIV) The LORD will sustain him on his sickbed and restore him from his bed of illness.

# Sickness in any form immobilizes a person.
# Reduces the productivity.
# Destroys the peace of mind.
# Torments everyone with so many questions on the possible fallout.
# It also drains the financial resources leading to instability, debt and so on.
  • R u fighting with sicknesses?
  • Too many medicines leading to a vicious chain of other side effects landing you in messy situations?
  • Confused over what to do next? & where to go?
  • Pain & Side effects bringing an aversion to even continue with the medicines?
  • Unable to move or do the regular duties adding up the numbers in the “Things To Do” list?

  • Sickness worsening day by day, leading to depression?
  • Mounting debts due to medical bills pulling you down to the floor?
  • Vexed in mind? Don’t feel like praying or talking to people?
Feel like all your prayers are bouncing back to you without any answer?
Looks like God is silent and is not bothered?
Have u come to the verge of losing all your hope?

Feeling very weak physically or mentally to exercise ur faith in God?

Allow God to take control of your situation. He will use the time and situations to edify you, make you holy and acceptable to Him and will also heal you.
  • is a liar and the father of all lies.
  • is not interested in you having a blessed future.
  • will always show u negative things,
  • speaks words of defeat and destruction.
So, don’t give room for the devil to take over.
On the other hand,
God is faithful and steadfast in His Love.
His mercies are new every morning and forever.
He is concerned about you and your future.

Trust Him
  • Ur situation is not difficult for God to handle.
  • Let God fight the battle for you. Depend on Him fully.
  • Cling on to His promises steadfastly.
JESUS is the ultimate HEALER.
Remember the promises of God. No matter what ur condition is, He’ll restore u from ur sick bed. Rise up & walk in the name of JESUS


Do u need to share ur sorrows, problems?
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Restore: Prisoners of Hope

(Zec 9:12,NIV) Return to your fortress, O prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.

  • Trying hard 4deliverance.

Are you fighting with sickness and weakness for a long time, Countless medical tests, various doctors, different treatments, medicines like food, yet no remedy?…

  • Waiting anxiously 4a solution.

Don’t know why problems keep coming in family, disappointments, misunderstanding between you and your spouse or children, accused wrongly in the office, entangled with legal battles, sleepless nights, panic stricken days?…

  • Desperate 2come out of your addiction.

Fun turning into addiction, die hard habits ruling your life, influence by friends and peers, compulsion in the workplace and social gathering, addicted to high profile shopping ending in wastage of money, time and resources, sitting before the Computer and Internet as a slave killing ur day and health, addicted to secret sins?…

  • Curiously looking 4ways to get rid of the bondage.

Doctors say everything is normal, but still in sickness and pain, repeat failures in business and career with confusion, illegal relationships tormenting your family life, non-marital relationships that is killing your life’s purpose, emotional bondage ruling ur life, longing for help but nothing in sight?…

R u a person with any of these problems?.

Tried many ways and disappointed,
Depressed and living with a negative mindset..
Going through a dark tunnel waiting to see light & to breathe fresh air….
U r a prisoner of Hope. Hoping 4a change.


This world may reject you. They may try to condemn you and brand you as wrong, filthy, useless, doomed for failure and destruction, untouchable, unworthy of favour and friendship.
But JESUS is willing to accept you as you are.
  • He will not condemn you.
  • He is waiting to give you a fresh lease of life.
  • He is ready to shower a new favour on you, turn your negatives into positives, failure into success.
All you need to do is:
  • Come back to Him as you are;
  • Pour out your heartaches & bitterness;
  • Seek His face & grace;
  • Accept your mistakes & shortcomings and
  • Surrender your life to Him, willing to do His will.
He will restore your life. What you had lost in the past, He’ll restore it double fold.
He’ll deliver u & restore u with double the size of blessings & goodness u had lost before.

Cheer up. Be happy. Be Restored. U’ll no longer be a Prisoner.
Do u need to share ur sorrows, problems? Need to confide with someone who will understand you to encourage and motivate you?
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Restoring the Temple to Service

(2Ch 29:35) There were burnt offerings in abundance together with the fat of the fellowship offerings and the drink offerings that accompanied the burnt offerings. So the Temple of the LORD was restored to service.

Worship is not an one day affair. It’s a life long service.We the temple of God are created to worship HIM with daily sacrifice of praise & burnt offerings of Sacrificial Living & self denial.The Lamp which is God’s word should continuously burn showing light in our life & to others.

  • God dwells amoung our praises.
  • Meeting God daily in private with a sacrifice of Praise is a thanks offering.
  • Reading, learning & meditating the Word will keep the Lamp burning giving light to show ur path and to others
  • Burnt offerings shows our willingness to live a life of sacrifice.

(eg) Sacrifice the comfort of Sleep in the morning, giving prioroty to God, Helping others who are in need,

Caring for others denying our comforts etc..

We are called to serve God by serving others. Check whether these things are happening in ur life daily?
If u r struggling with your life, facing repeat failures, frustrated, irritated, take time to be alone with God. Analyse where you went wrong. Wrong priorities can lead you to turbulence. Only remedy is to give God the first place and live a God pleasing life.
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Repair & Restore the Temple

(2Ch 24:4) At one point Joash decided to repair & restore the Temple of the LORD(Periodic maintenance & repair is a must for a trouble free living. If Any building does not undergo periodical maintenance work, very soon it will be damaged beyond repair. Cracks will come. Wall paintings will peel off. Water seepage and leaks will spoil the look. the Structure will become weak.

Similarly, Your body which is God’s Holy temple also needs this maintenance. You shouldn’t abuse ur body. It needs proper rest and care. Take time off from your regular schedule. Relax. Give rest & revive your system by fasting. Recharge your spirit by prayer & meditating the word of God. Be strong to face the world by restoring yourself. Keep yourself holy and acceptable to God for Him to dwell in you always.)

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Restore : Disobedience to Joy of Salvation

(Psa 51:12) Restore to me the joy of Your salvation & make me willing to obey You.(Disobedience to God is a SIN. It destroys the Fellowship with Him, pushing us in darkness. Life in darkness will have no peace & joy. What’s ur state today? R u happy in the Lord bubbling with Joy & Peace? if not,cry unto Him for RESTORATION)

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